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As a vocalist, my early heroes were such greats as Arthur Prysock, Billy Eckstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Bill Withers, Nina Simone and almost all jazz, ballads, and be-bop artists of the sixties and seventies.  I love the blues and pretty ballads, and songs that not only make you feel good but also have something to say.  When I was a kid listening to the radio, and the song was about a woman or to a woman.  If it was a ballad; it was about how beautiful she was or how good she made you feel.  If it was the blues; what can I say, the blues usually tell the truth, in one light or another, and regardless, they sure feel good.  Be it a ballad, blues, or contemporary, I like the songs that are timeless.  Those are the ones that it doesn’t matter whether it was twenty or thirty years ago or right now.  They evoke the same good feeling today that they did yesterday, and I enjoy being one the bearer of the spark that continues to make audiences feel good.  When you listen to my music; may you smile endlessly?  Ha! Ha!


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